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Students enjoy Pianorama 2013!

The stage is set for Pianorama!

The stage is set for Pianorama!



MTNA and TMTA Competition Results

NAMTA was well-represented at the most recent MTNA/TMTA audition in Cookeville, TN on November 1-2. The following students and their teachers were recognized for their achievements:

YOUNG ARTIST PIANO: Rachel Menscher, Honorable Mention; Karen Ann Krieger, Teacher

SENIOR PIANO: Rebecca Rousseau, Alternate; Roland Schneller, Teacher

YOUNG ARTIST STRING: Michael Chien (violin), Alternate; Connie Heard, Teacher
Ann Yeh (cello), Honorable Mention; Felix Wang, Teacher
Ann Mills (Violin), Honorable Mention; Connie Heard, Teacher

SENIOR STRING: Christine Lau (violin) Winner; Carolyn Huebl, Teacher
Jenna Mangum (violin) Alternate; Connie Heard, Teacher

JUNIOR STRING: Kaili Wang (violin); Carolyn Huebl, Teacher

CHAMBER MUSIC STRING: Matthew Lammers (violin), Ann Yeh (cello) and Marissa Uchimura (piano) Winner; Amy Dorfman, Teacher
Mary Grace Kimbrough (violin), Bailey Werner (cello) and Anna McRay (piano) Alternate: Jerome Reed,

Winners in the Tennessee Music Teacher’s State competition


Early Elementary Piano
• Winner: Spencer Nicholas
Teacher: Li Li (NAMTA)

Piano Grade 2
• Runner up: Caleb Park
Teacher: Li Li (NAMTA)

Piano Grade 3
• Honorable Mention: Angela Liu
Teacher: Agnes Wan (NAMTA)

Piano Grade 4
• Runner up: Robert Jeon
Teacher: Agnes Wan (NAMTA)
• Honorable Mention: Belle Huang
Teacher: Li Li (NAMTA)

Elementary Piano Concerto
• Honorable Mention: Selina Wang
Teacher: Amy Dorfman (NAMTA)



Piano Grade 7
• Runner Up: Daniel Hosny
Teacher: Helen Gleason/Jerome Reed (NAMTA)
• Honorable Mention: Brian Lu
Teacher: Amy Dorfman (NAMTA)

Piano Grade 8
• Winner: Tony Huang
Teacher: Li Yang (NAMTA)

Junior Piano Concerto
• Runner Up: Brian Lu
Teacher: Amy Dorfman (NAMTA)



Piano Grade 9
• Winner: Rebekah Lim
Teacher: Karen Ann Krieger (NAMTA)

Piano Grade 10
• Runner-Up: Stanley Xiang
Teacher: Jerome Reed (NAMTA)



Elementary String Solo
• Winner: Bright Johnston, violin
Teacher: Katherine Mansouri (NAMTA)
• Runner-up: Sheeline Yu, violin
Teacher: Dana Meyer (NAMTA)

Elementary String Concerto: no winner

Junior String Solo
• Winner: Allison Pao, violin
Teacher: Connie Heard (NAMTA)
• Runner-up: Alan Liu
Teacher: Carolyn Huebl (NAMTA)

Junior String Concerto
• Winner: Allison Pao, violin
Teacher: Connie Heard (NAMTA)

Senior String Solo
• Winner: Jenna Mangum, violin
Teacher: Connie Heard (NAMTA)

Senior String Concerto
• Winner: Jenna Mangum, violin
Teacher: Connie Heard (NAMTA)

Senior Instrumental Ensemble
• Winners: Allison Pao, violin
Christian Rogers, viola Nadja Geier, cello Brian Lu, piano
Teachers: Seanad Chang (UCMTA) and Amy Dorfman (NAMTA)

2013 YAAA Winners Announced

NAMTA has announced the 2013 YAAA winners.

Joy Fan
Allison Pao
Sarah McGuire
Amelia Branch
Sheeline Yu
Amy Willis
Rowan McCoy

Belle Huang
Caleb Park
Hayeon Ryou
Alan Liu
Brian Liu
Anya Li
Stanley Xiang
Kevin Wang

Sarah McGuire
Kevin Wang

NAMTA students receive honors at MTNA Southern Regionals

Congratulations to NAMTA students who received honors at the regional level of the MTNA competition, held Jan 18-21 in Greensboro, NC! The Chamber Music Strings division winners were the Music City Trio, coached by Amy Dorfman, includes violinist Nathan Lowry, cellist Jennifer Pittman, and pianist Susan Yang. Lucas Pao, a student of Amy Dorfman, was awarded Honorable Mention for Junior Composition. Violinist Chloe Harvel, student of Carolyn Huebl, received Honorable Mention in Junior Strings, and in the Young Strings category, violinist Ethan Bauer, student of Connie Heard, was chosen as the Alternate. Of eight soloists or groups from the state of TN who received awards at the Southern Regionals, four are students of NAMTA members. Congrats to all students and their teachers!!