NAMTA Performance Auditions

NAMTA Performance Auditions Guidelines

AUDITIONS: March 11, 2017, Belmont University, Wilson Music Building

Postmarked Deadline and Deadline for Online Application: January 31, 2017

The fee is $25 for all solo entries and $5 for each performer in an ensemble.  Teachers should send one check written to “NAMTA” to the following address. Teachers are responsible for notifying their students of the audition schedule.

Mail check to:

Dana Meyer
1137 Cedar View Lane
Franklin, TN 37067-4075

Theory & Musicianship Exams

NAMTA will no longer hold a theory day for testing students. Teachers will test their own students and report the scores on the Performance audition application. Teachers can share testing responsibilities with colleagues if they choose. There are eight tests with eight levels each, including: Written Theory, Aural Theory, Sight Reading, Keyboard Harmony, Terms, Transposition, Music History and Technique. Pianists must take four exams and all other students take three exams. A total average of 70% is considered passing. Although it is highly recommended that all students participate in the musicianship exams, it is only required if students intend to participate in YAAA or the TMTA Auditions. Students in grades 1-2 and university students are exempt from musicianship exams. Study guides, exams and answer keys are available from Barbara Hildebrand. Scores for musicianship exams will not be accepted after the deadline for the Performance Audition Application of January 31, 2015.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE – All the FORMS are on the Member Resources page

  1. Please submit all applications online. If this is not possible, please TYPE or PRINT Applications. We cannot read your handwriting!
  2. If mailing, send application along with check to Dana Meyer. (See information above.)
  3. Indicate Musicianship Level by Numbers 1-8 and test scores in percentages.
  4. Under repertoire, include opus numbers, names of movements and Musical Period.(Repertoire must use three of the five musical periods.)

  5. For Performance Auditions, students must provide the judge(s) one score for each work listed on the application. Instrumental students may provide either the solo part or the complete score. All entrants and accompanists must abide by the federal Copyright Law. Photocopies are strongly discouraged. (Check the MTNA website for Audition requirements, rules, and regulations:
  6. Instrumentalists must have an accompanist unless the selection is an unaccompanied composition. Teachers may accompany their own students.

Application deadlines and performance audition dates will be strictly followed.  TMTA allows students to enter auditions at another location if there is a conflict.