2015 YAAA Winners Announced

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Young Artist Achievement Awards
May 2, 2015
Blair School of Music

The 2015 Young Artist Achievement Awards competition was held at the Blair School of Music.  Thirty-one pianists and six string players competed for cash prizes. Fifteen teachers sent students to YAAA.

David Mansouri

Linda Harmon, piano grades K-6
Dr. Kristian Klefstad – grades 7-12

A Superior rating at the March 14, 2015 local Tennessee Teacher’s National Association audition and a passing grade on the Theory exam were eligibility requirements for entrants. 

The following winners were chosen, each receiving a $50 prize:

Strings, grades 3-4:   Brian Xu, student of Shu-Zheng Yang

Strings, grades 5-6:   Sheelline Yu, student of Shu-Zheng Yang

Jacob Lee, student of Katherine Mansouri

Strings, grades 7-8:   Ian Haynes, student of Katherine Mansouri

Piano, grades K-2:    Brayden Zhang, student of LiLi

Piano, grades 3-4:     Caleb Park, student of LiLi

Piano, grades 5-6:     Ethan Li, student of LiLi

Piano, grades 7-8:     Taiyu Chen, student of Amy Dorfman

Piano, grades 9-10:   Christopher Guan, student of LiLi


Grand prize winners were chosen at the Winner’s concert:
Adjudicated by David Mansouri, Linda Harmon, and Dr. Kristian Klefstad

Grades K-6: Sheelline Yu, student of Shu-Zheng Yang – received an additional prize of $150

Grades 7-12: Christopher Guan, student of LiLi – received an additional prize of $300


Those who made this event possible:
Amanda Welch – chairman

Valerie Middleton – President of NAMTA 2013-2015 and faculty liaison with Blair School of Music

Pamela Andrews, Emma Veers, and Tina Simpson – helped throughout the day as monitors

Jama Reagan and Melissa Rose for allowing us to use their studios

Blair technicians who provided a DVD of the Winners’ Concert

Tennessee State Competition Results

A number of students and their teachers from NAMTA were winners in the state MTNA competition held in Knoxville May 31 and June 1.  Congratulations!


Early Elementary Piano

Winner: Brayden Zhang; Teacher: Li Li (NAMTA)

 Piano Grade 3

Winner: Roger Chen; Teacher: ChiHee Hwang (NAMTA)

• Runner-Up: Caleb Park; Teacher: Li Li (NAMTA)

 Piano Grade 4

• Winner: Joanne Kang; Teacher: Roland Schneller (NAMTA)

 Piano Grade 5

• Runner-Up: Belle Huang; Teacher: Li Li (NAMTA)

• Honorable Mention: Anna Chen; Teacher: Agnes Wan (NAMTA)


Piano Grade 6

Runner-Up: Emily Jao; Teacher: Agnes Wan (NAMTA)

 Piano Grade 8

• Runner-Up: Daniel Hosny; Teacher: Helen Gleason/Jerome Reed (NAMTA)

 Junior Piano Concerto

• Winner: Daniel Hosny; Teacher: Helen Gleason/Jerome Reed (NAMTA)


Piano Grade 9

• Runner-Up: Tony Huang; Teacher: Li Li (NAMTA)

 Piano Grade 10

• Winner: Rebekah Lim; Teacher: Karen Krieger (NAMTA)

 Piano Grade 11

• Runner-Up: Stanley Xiang; Teacher: Jerome Reed (NAMTA)

 Senior Piano Concerto

• Winner: Stanley Xiang; Teacher: Jerome Reed (NAMTA)

• Runner-Up: Vicky Zhang; Teacher: Jerome Reed (NAMTA)


Elementary String Solo

• Winner: Lillian Branch, violin; Teacher: Dana Meyer (NAMTA)

• Runner-Up: Emily Baker, violin; Teacher: Dana Meyer (NAMTA)

 Junior String Solo

• Runner-Up: Abigail Nelson; Teacher: Frank Auer (NAMTA)

Senior String Solo

• Winner: Linyue Fan, violin; Teacher: Connie Heard (NAMTA)

• Runner-Up: Blake Skelton, violin; Teacher: Connie Heard (NAMTA)

Senior String Concerto

• Winner: Linyue Fan, violin; Teacher: Connie Heard (NAMTA)





2014 YAAA List of Winners

K-6th Grade Winners

7th-12th Grade Winners


Megan Loh                  Dana Meyer                          K-2nd Grade

Sheerea Yu                  Dana Meyer                          3rd/4th Grade

Emily Baker                 Dana Meyer                         5th/6th Grade

Bright Johnston         Katherine Mansouri         5th/6th Grade

Andrea Huang             Dana Meyer                          7th/8th Grade

Jenna Mangum           Connie Heard                       9th/10th Grade

Blake Skelton             Connie Heard                         9th/10th Grade




Spencer Nicholas        Li Li                                         K-2nd Grade

Joanne Kang               Roland Schneller                 3rd/4th Grade

Daniel Hosny              Jerome Reed                         7th/8th Grade

Lu Zheng                     Roland Schneller                 7th/8th Grade

Tony Huang                Li Li                                            9th/10th Grade

Vicky Zhang                Jerome Reed                         11th/12th Grade


K-6 Concert Winner:

Joanne Kang

7-12 Concert Winner:

Jenna Mangum

Distinguished Service Awards


Barbara Hildebrand, Carol Butler, Carol Batson, Dan Landes, Debra Nelson, Elizabeth Cormier, Roland Schneller and Sallye Zeringue.

Pianorama Photos


Students enjoy Pianorama 2013!

The stage is set for Pianorama!

The stage is set for Pianorama!